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Spy App That Knows Just About Everything.

Do you want to find out the truth about people surrounding you? You need to know what people do as this may sufficiently affect you life. Your colleagues or employees may leak business information to competitors, your kids may get intro troubles without you knowing and your spouse may cheat on you. Is there a simple solution to know about these facts? Of course! Meet our new spy on iphone app! This software is compatible with other popular mobile platforms as Android and Win Mobile! Just one app will help you track people using different devices! This is the list of top features providing you timely reports on what people do on their mobile phones!


Monitor text messages

Our spyware for iphone or android application sends you copies of messages your target persons send or receive via various messengers. The application is able to track SMS, Whatsapp, Viber and social networks messages sent and received via cell phone. Getting alerts in real time from our cell phone monitoring application lets you get important information to take actions. Stop your kids from trying drug, keep your spouse honest or prevent leakage of business information from your company with a single app!


GPS locations

Our brand iphone spy software sends you data bout GPS locations of all target people you are spying. Find out where your family members, colleagues, employees or spouse are at any moment of day or night!


Call details

With this brand new spyware for android and iPhone spy app you will be able to get detailed information about calls sent and received: time, duration, frequency! The app will analyze the calls and will notify you on the most contacted persons. Moreover the app analyzes not only the frequency of calls, but the frequency of other contacts via social networks and messengers!


Photos and social media activity

Use our spy software for iPhone and android to track all the activities of a target user on social networks from messages, to profile updates and likes and shares! This mobile spy app is sensitive to camera usage and will notify you every time when a device camera is used to take a photo of video and the uploads or sharing of a photo or video on social networks and via chats!


Application Blocking

This cell phone spy software allows to block applications usage if you feel this is the riskiest and the most challenging source of communication!


View the screen and location LIVE!

None of other iPhone spy and android tracking software will let you view a screen of a target device LIVE! Just log in into your iPhone tracking software account and choose an option of LIVE screen viewing and see what is happening in a target cell phone right now!



Our brand phone monitoring software allows you to tune personal alerts according any of the events on a target phone. You can track only those options you are most interested in! For example, track only Facebook activity or calls or messages!


LIVE Control Panel

This option of mobile spy software let you see in real time what is happening on a target device regardless of its platform or brand or model! Track android, iOS or Win Mobile devices getting only internet access!


24/7 support

Strong technical support available 24/7 is a key point of our phone spy application. Our experts will assist you to tune the mobile spy application in a matter of a minute!

Any Device

Our app has been developer to work on every mobile device.

Any Place

Access your data no matter where you are in the world.

Any Time

You can sign up and cancel your membership at anytime.

How to use mobile app to spy people?

Spying is bad. This is what our parents told us in childhood. But is spying bad really?  Mobile spy allows you find out the truth about people from your environment: about your children going to try drugs and suffering from cyberbullying or violence at school, about your spouse engaged in love affair with a colleague, about your employees leaking secret information to your competitors or your colleagues informing top management about your fails. How can you learn the truth without spy mobile software? Of course, you can talk to people you are suspecting in some sorts of cheating, but everybody is lying.

What are the benefits of cell phone monitoring?

Today a cell phone is a key communication device. It keeps all our chats, contacts, messages, social network profile data, financial information and many other personal and even intimate details of our personal lives. In most cases it is impossible to make a person talk sincerely to you. But mobile spy app will interfere into the heart of  a person’s life and will monitor the most speaking data.

The key benefit of using iPhone spy software or spyware for android is that you will be able to get all necessary information without a person knowing about your spying. The mobile spy app is imperceivable. It does not affect in any way the performance of a mobile phone. It does not slow down the internet speed or data processing. It can not be detected by any other software as antivirus or phone app cleaners.

The next benefit you will love the spy software is that it works in real time mode. This means that you will get notifications and alerts every time a person will send or get message, will log in and post something on social networks. Advanced cell phone spy applications provide access to camera and pictures on the phone notifying you every time a person uses cell phone camera for video calls or taking some pics. You will be notified right at the moment it happens. Thus, you will get a chance to prevent  a trouble. Just imagine that your kid is appointing a meeting with someone from a street gang to try “something ecstatic”, or your spouse scheduling a “business” meeting in a romantic hotel or your employee accepting invitation from your competitors to visit their office. Top phone monitoring software will track every channel of getting and sending information. Thus if a person uses his of her Gmail account on a cell phone then you will also get access to all emails received and sent. Is not it great for you?

The last but not the least benefit of getting mobile spy software in use is that it will help to prevent lie, troubles and crisis. Stop unnecessarily worrying! Just install a simple cell phone spy software and keep calm about people around you!

What are the key user requirements to phone spy application?

There are hundreds of applications you can choose from on IT markets. These tips will help you to choose the best one for you!

Compatibility matters

A good mobile spy software should be compatible with the most popular mobile platforms and models of devices. It means that it should work smoothly as on iPhone  6S, so on Android 4.0. Cell phone spy software should get easily installed on all types of devices and platforms (iOS, Android, Win Mobile as these three platforms are sharing the mobile market).

Smooth operation

Installing a spy cell application you need to be sure in timely notifications. If mobile spyware fails to send you timely reports then it is useless. You will just get information but it can be too late to prevent a wrong action.

Top security

If mobile spy can be detected either by a target user or by any other software as app cleaners or checkers or antivirus software then it is useless. Read the reviews and the description of a chosen product made by its developer.

Great technical support

Deciding to spy on android phone or to spy on iphone, you will need strong and responsive technical support to solve average issues as backups, data storage, access and others. If an application does not offer technical support or support responds with sufficient delays, then it will be useless!

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